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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweet of KEA :)

Sementara nak tunggu new entry malam nanti :)


K: I’ve always known my husband loves me, but I never know how much and I am so curious to know “how much” you love me…

H: Sayang.., I wish that my arms are long enough so that I can touch the east and the west because only then I could demonstrate to you how much I love you…

K: Aaaa’ so sweettt of you…

H: Am I?? Then okay, for this time you can cry if you want… (Eye wink)

K: No, I don’t want.

H: Why? (Sad face)

K: Cause I don’t want you to feel bad.

H: Why should I?

K: Cause you promised Ibu not to make me cry anymore…

H: But I would be more touch if you cry because of me, my lovely words...

K: Ah’ I see… Okay.


K: Wuwuwuwuwu!~

H: What was that!!? (Surprised)

K: I am crying for you.

Husband laughed out loud.

H: Oh, you are just a sweet heart Sayang... :)

Love, Ara


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chenta said...

yg ni mmg sweet gler...